Sex, Money and Yoga

Some hot topics indeed, folks.  Two of these words seem to elicit a multitude of reactions, and whenever I write about them the responses are equally abundant.  Speaking of abundant, I’m not feeling so abundant lately.  Is it the economy, is it mismanagement of my money, or is it my sexuality (or all of the above) ?

Why would I even consider that my sexuality had anything to do with it?  Napoleon Hill would agree with me…the mystery of sex transmutation, as he would call it.  When he was pioneering the key elements of what is now popularly “The Secret” he made a very important connection between manifesting and sexual magnetism.  It’s one element that I consistantly see left out of New Age metaphysical abundance principles.  Maybe our sexually repressed culture has caved in on itself and the flourishing economy we had just couldn’t withstand the lack of juicy, excited, passionate people weaving through it.

The last few weeks have been wrought with personal growth challenges.  You know how you’re happily sailing along in life and another layer of stuff surfaces, and suddenly you’re suffering so much that you can either choose to medicate or put on your introspective diving goggles and get to the bottom of it.  I always do the big dive and endeavor to take myself higher.  This time the yuck that surfaced had to do with how I operate in the world.  A few wonderful people I know, whose expert advice and insights I trust, told me that I had some lower chakra imbalances to handle.

Being a Sex Educator and Women’s Empowerment Facilitator, this was a surprise to me.  What kind of imbalances might the Goddess of Sexuality and Intimacy possibly have to balance in the vicinity of her womb???  I’m very open-minded, and so I delved into the books, the meditation, the yoga, the dreams…and lo and behold, they were right.  I had not been having near enough pleasure in my life lately, and there were certainly some surfacing childhood issues that could stand to be handled.

When I really buckled down and studied my lower chakras closer, I saw that even with a fabulous connection to sexuality, there can still be an imbalance in the first chakra that causes lack, scarcity, and fear.  Hmmm.  I couldn’t figure out how I was doing all of the sexual transmutation work and money wasn’t happening…and here it was.  The answer.  The two are connected, but only if you’re balanced in both the first and second chakras.  So, working on survival trust is key.  That’s the firm grounding in the world, feet in the dirt type of “I belong” to the earth, I have a place here, I am safe, I am cared for, I take up my space with ease, and all is well…on a very basic level.

According to Anodea Judith, if you’ve been born in a hospital that practices separating infant from mother at birth, then you are a prime candidate for an imbalanced first chakra.  That nurturing upon arrival into the new world, the landing of the skin and bone ship, the hello I’m here and where’s my hostess…that whole party, if the crucial piece is missing…you’re looking at lotsa problems.  Examples are people that are accident prone (not firmly in touch with their bodies or sense of place in the world), those who don’t care for themselves or are unkempt, those who experience phobias and fears that are often inexplicable, difficulties staying IN the body (as in dissociating), and so much more.

For me, the experience of feeling like I was falling or about to fall…off balance…has been with me forever.  I literally fell out of my mother at birth and the doctor caught me somewhere between the hospital bed and the floor.  No wonder I have an ongoing internal battle with heights!  Then I was whisked away, bottlefed (mom had a staff infection), and cared for completely by my ten year old brother for weeks.  If that’s not enough to have a tiny spirit ready to board the next ship home, I don’t know what is.

Grounding seems to be an important aspect of having a human experience.  I see so many people trying to transcend their experiences, bring themselves into a higher vibration, living in the light, so to speak.   It’s all good, but when one is on a mission to transcend, I find myself asking what the point is?  Why’d ya come here in the first place, dude?  As a woman, I am here having an embodied experience.  My body is reminding me every day that it’s cycling with the moon, creating life, birthing life, destroying life, embracing death…the whole experience of being in a body is VERY embodied in women.  Sex is a natural, gorgeous, full out embodiment of this cycle, a spiritual expression that holds the highest voltage of creative energy known in the universe.

Imagine harnessing that kind of power up to the horsey of your dreams?  Whoa, Nellie.  Vision meets intention meets sexual transmutation.  It’s the ticket to the ride called “Why We’re Here”.  In my story, we showed up to practice creating stuff out of nothing, imitating the One (or many, as you wish).   But people, to do this spirit in a body dance we have to get grounded in the dirt, on the Great Mother Earth.  To do the dance with a flourish, most likely we’ll need a power source for our manifesting finesse.  To recap, we need to get down and dirty with the first chakra, and then we need to turn on the juice of the second sexual chakra.  Voila, the best basic recipe for a rich life experience spiritually, physically, and monetarily.


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2 Responses to “Sex, Money and Yoga”

  1. Mary Beth Mudgett O'Donnell Says:


    This is an amazing page and I want to drink it and drink it and come back and quench and quench…….
    The text spoke to my heart and made my mouth water.
    Thank you for sharing of yourself, and leading the example of how to…

    Love and Blessings,
    Mary Beth


  2. Mary Beth Mudgett O'Donnell Says:


    I hope you continue to share of yourself here.
    I was intrigued with your story of your experience with plants and
    the things that happen when we do not prep carefully, and about respect.

    Mary Beth


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