How Can I Turn My Day Around?

The challenge of a bad mood, bad news, depression, or some upset faces all of us often in our lives, and many assume we are helpless targets just waiting for things to change again.  We go through life wanting this or that circumstance to be different so that we can be “happy”.  Many of us, if asked what happy is, cannot answer.  We’re stumped and silent, suddenly realizing that we have no measure of what “happy” actually is.  It’s a word that means better, doesn’t it?  It makes everything okay, right?  The problem is that if we don’t know what it is, we will never recognize if we have it.  Aiming for a target that is invisible, we stumble around shooting arrows at “happy” and wondering why we don’t get any.  It’s no wonder so many are feeling out of control, like life is a crap shoot, hoping someone has a magic prescription that will make it better.


We hope to win a lottery, because money seems to be the thing that everyone wants more of so that they can get more of what they want and feel powerful.  We think that if only we had this, or that, or if someone loved us more, or if we had more vacations, everything would change and this bad feeling would stop.  We numb ourselves out with tv, alcohol, and drugs or food.  We work harder, exercise more, and read more self help books.  There seems to be no end to what we’ll try to “feel” better!


Something subtle happens, however, when a person begins to experience consciousness.  That is, awakening from the robotic state of going through life on auto-pilot, accepting everything at face value, never questioning the status quo.  Through grace, at some point in our eternal existence as souls in bodies, we begin to emerge from the slumber in small increments usually (not always), and we realize that we have choice.


A typical scenario for awakening is a tragedy or loss, a sudden change that is unexpected, or an emotional crisis.  We were going along on automatic and without warning, someone we love died, or the truck hit our car, or we found out we had a terrible illness, or we lost our job, our livelihood.  That feeling of being without familiar foundation, without ground to stand on, nowhere to turn for relief, intense pain and suffering brings us to a deeper place of searching if it doesn’t destroy us.  We look for the meaning, we find support in places we may never expect, and we turn our awareness to the moment because focusing on the future isn’t always possible in times like these.


The things that bring us to our knees bring us to the moment.  In the moment, we can find strength we never knew we had, and a sense of surrender that will not be denied.  When we submit to what is, space opens up and things move.  Even in a moment of simple unhappiness over something more mundane and simple, if we are willing to allow the emotion and feel the sadness, anger, frustration, the emotion can flow and what is underneath it can be revealed.  Quite simply, allowing the emotions, rather than stifling them, is the direct pathway into wisdom, relief, and higher consciousness.  So let the tears flow…really feel…and in experiencing your humanity you will be freed.

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8 Responses to “How Can I Turn My Day Around?”

  1. Crowing Crone Joss Says:

    The wondrous thing about awakening is that once you do, the heart continues to speak and be heard. Walk in beauty, my friend.


  2. Oceana Says:

    Raising my crystal glass to you, darling. I think you’re right…once grace descends, it is planted for good. 🙂


  3. blinksofbliss Says:

    In a moment when you stop amd stand still you can find bliss.


  4. Oceana Says:

    I love the way you’ve languaged that, Blinksofbliss…so beautiful. Thank you.


  5. Marc israel Says:

    Once again I agree with you OCeana and would like to share what I did to feel my hidden emotion in hopes it may bring relief to other readers here as it did me. I discovered first through meditation I hold pain in my eyebrows and in my belly. I also was happy to learn I could release that pain.

    First I would go into deep meditation. Then I would breath in and out my eyebrows and when i felt a tickling sensation I knew I found connection!

    While still breathing in and out, layers of muscle relaxed and over time tears would trickle down my cheeks. Then a vision of the source would appear in minds eye.

    Like a dam I knew it was powerful and protected by the flood gates of time. Slowly at first, then a massive flow of tears. Gates of opened wide releasing years of pent up emotions. As the stagnat waters filtered through and emerged cleaned, I felt renewed refreshed and extremely grateful for what I wintessed!!. Truth for me of how I my body was holding on to pain and suffering and better yet A witness of how beautiful and good inside it felt to heal myself. After years of hearing our bodies stored pain I found it to be true for me. We do store pain and we can heal ourselves and clean the waters once again. be freee Freee to live once again!!!!!


  6. Oceana Says:

    Wow, that was a powerful post, Marc. I’m in awe of your experience in finding your own unique way of releasing the emotions your body stored. It also gives me great compassion for men, as they are often taught from a young age to really suppress, and I can only imagine the enormity of emotions that get caught up. Kudos for you in being gentle and patient with yourself…


  7. eliza sue Says:

    This is such a powerful piece Oceana! Thank you!


  8. Oceana Says:

    Thank you for your support, Eliza!


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