Finding God In An Unlikely Place

What’s appropriate to you may not be appropriate to me, and vice versa.  These lines seem to be fuzzy with the boon in social networking and the consequent weaving of friends with family, extended relations, business associates, international reach, and the combining of cultures, groups, subgroups along with so many other factors.

It can be difficult when one person is sincerely finding something humorous, and another is simultaneously reminded of a tragedy, and yet another is just plain grossed out.  The reactions are as varied as snowflakes, and when awareness levels of one’s own shadow territory in psychologically as of yet untraversed terrain, then we see more public arguments than helpful comments.  In one sense, it can be truly enlightening, and at other times it’s outright horrible to witness, leaving one with a bad feeling inside.

Personally, I seem to have the good fortune of having surrounded myself with a plethora of conscious communicators, peacemakers, spiritually aware beings, and overall good natured folks.  On the occasion when I stumble on a blog or a youtube video where people of other segments of our culture are more prone to leave a blatant criticism, a blatantly off color remark, or a very graphic and obscenely crude insult, I’m left temporarily stunned.

I find I don’t expect it.  At all.  Sometimes I think I must live in this bubble of kindness where nothing (that I consider) negative pervades my pink peacefulness.  Yes, of course, I get my feelings hurt and I have anger and upsets like everyone else.  But, I seem to have gathered endless resources and learnings that I can choose in any  moment to take that feeling, dig deeper into it, and learn more about myself.  I seem to have made a choice to take everything personally, as in I am at cause and everything is a reflection of the conscious state I continue to strive for.

That said, even the seemingly crude and abusive things I come across are a reflection of something inside of me.  I own it all.   I feel that if I am willing to own it and dig around in it, see where I can heal it and forgive it, I am moving a tiny bit closer to my home, the place I long for…the center heartspace of what I call God/dess.

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2 Responses to “Finding God In An Unlikely Place”

  1. Joceline Says:

    Wise words Oceana, the more we move into our heart and allow processing and healing to happen, the closer we come to that place within where the Divine blooms.


  2. Oceana Says:

    Yes, so true, Joss. Some days it’s easier than others to let go…


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