Appreciate Your Flaws

Self care and self love require practice and willingness.  I’ve become better and better at taking time for myself, admitting that it’s necessary, and really enjoying it when I do.  Getting to this place is hard for many people, especially in our acquisition focused culture.  Do more, get more, and you earn the right to be more.  In truth, they have this backwards.  It all starts with being, and in order to just be, we require a certain amount of self love.  Without it, being is impossibly uncomfortable.

I notice that loving myself is easier when I’m more relaxed, feeling more pleasure in my life, and taking time to care for myself.  Having a daily spiritual practice is also another way of connecting to my center, loving myself, and filling up so that I am giving from a full place rather than a needy one.  Still, lately it felt like I wasn’t completely full, and was very surprised to notice some negative self talk I was hearing.

What I realized today is that I’m great at acknowledging what my gifts and skills are because I’ve consciously practiced doing so for years.  The place where I get caught up is in appreciating and loving the ways in which I’m not so skilled, not so perfect, not so talented.  There’s a difference here, where I saw that I could accentuate the positive and love myself up, while subtly avoiding what I deemed negative.

I think the real healing begins when we are able to love and adore the parts of ourselves that we fear others will find repulsive, the awkward parts, the places where we hold judgment about who we are.

My new self care practice is to find something about myself each and every day that my mind tells me is ugly, not good enough, lazy, stupid, silly, embarrassing, or bad…and then focus all of my love on that thing with all my heart.  I’m on a flaw finding mission, to love and embrace the ones I locate until they’re just more beautiful flowers in the garden of all that is me.

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6 Responses to “Appreciate Your Flaws”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Since I started my own business 2 years ago, I have had a baby that has turned my whole world upside down. I now have to juggle working from home, a 1 year old, taking care of the house and trying to have some sort of personal life. I was getting so overwhelmed with things that I was just snapping at people and I didn’t like who I was. I finally told my husband I need time to myself. Once I started doing that, I feel better about myself, I am happier, I am taking better care of myself and enjoying life more. I just have to remember to keep doing this and things should be great.


    • Oceana Says:

      Yes, remembering is key, right? I found this to be most difficult while juggling it all when my son was small because that’s when my memory really suffered from sleep deprivation.
      Nowadays it’s menopause memory challenges. I’m finding I have to write myself messages… 🙂


  2. Nanette Levin Says:

    What an interesting – and healthy – perspective. I find it helps to schedule time for activities that refresh or enrich your spiritual side.


  3. Lisa Marie Selow Says:

    Self-care is so important. I keep getting this lesson. Even my guru says, “Chillax” in his teachings. Hee! This is a daily sort of commitment, for sure. Thanks for the reminders.


  4. Oceana Says:

    That’s my kinda guru! Lol!


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