Be Free with Ecstasy

Are we really free?  We’d love to think so.   It’s easy to argue that in this world we live with a whole mess of rules and regulations, or that we’re imprisoned in circumstances that force us to stay boxed in, victimized or oppressed by others.  To some extent it could be true.  On a mundane level, we do have to follow rules and ride out the time involved in manifesting something with which we’re aligning our vibration.

We can be our own worst enemies or our own best friends.  Our minds are the culprits that convince us we are victims, often because it is far easier to blame than to act. The solution is a simple (not necessarily easy) mindset shift.  Once we realize that change is in order, we can choose to think thoughts that lift us little by little into the alignment we would prefer.

I’ve found ecstasy through the discipline of pleasure to be a sure fast track to mindset liberation.  The other day I was feeling irritated, bored, stuck, and unhappy.  The only thing left to do was to locate myself right exactly where I was (mindfulness) and focus on pleasure.  Sure enough I was suddenly feeling the air, basking in the sensations pouring into my body, and feeling blissful.

The discipline required to practice pleasure and allow ecstasy is hard.  It means we have to organize ourselves inside of time, making appointments to do something that feels good, even though we’d rather not.  It requires surrendering our vested interest in suffering and complaining.  It requires self love and commitment.

This is a picture of me on the beach, laid out flat on my back in ecstasy.  Oh yeah.

Goddess Oceana

Mindfulness Information

Womanly Art of Pleasure


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6 Responses to “Be Free with Ecstasy”

  1. petermeadit Says:

    Wow, you really made me think. I might need to meditate more or something cos I don’t feel ecstacy that much. Thanks for making me think.


    • Oceana Says:

      Meditation definitely helps us to touch our unique essence, which is where ecstasy lives. Love to hear back on how you’re doing!


      • petermeadit Says:

        Hi Oceana, I think I am not disciplined enough… I feel guilty because I think I should be meditating every day but I just get caught up…


        • Oceana Says:

          It’s so hard to force ourselves to do something that’s good for us, isn’t it?! Peter, try just mindfulness, or breathing with the moment you’re in. That in itself is meditation. When you can simply slow down your breathing and feel into your heart, being right there with yourself, it’s meditation.


  2. Harriet Stack Says:

    Really resonated with this. I have been living more along these lines recently. Just bought both myself and my mother some flowers, makes me feel great. Thanks.


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