Demon Star

The last week has been intense in a way that has surpassed all of the energy fluxes, the astrological alignments of change, and the shifts that the Big Shift could throw at us.  Some demon star did something in the sky that astrologers say has caused us to reeeeeeally look at our stuff and be done with the outworn ways of being that just don’t serve us anymore.  I can tell you it’s been simultaneously humbling, confusing, revealing and painful in a good way.

Projects that I had poured my sweat and blood into for years came to fruition, leaving me in a state of panic about what would come next and how to proceed.  I connected with people on a personal level that I had only dreamt of speaking with in the past.  Huge bags of clutter made it’s way to goodwill and large areas of my living space got cleaned up lickety split.

I’m finding a new depth of intolerance for shenanigans from others as well as myself.  My usual sense of working to contain my impatience or the urge to tell someone off has disappeared.  Things I have tolerated for decades have become absolutely intolerable.  I am clearing out junk, stuff, beliefs, worn out patterns of thinking, and people.  Yup, you heard me…I am decluttering certain people from my life.

That’s where the very dark side of this article resides.  I will suddenly, somehow very clearly and intentionally no longer feel that I have a responsibility to play small and be a walking apology just to please the relative that disapproves of my existence.  I will no longer tolerate being treated with anything less than love and respect.  I will no longer be subjected to the whims of those who want my time if it is not in my best interest or the best interest of my child.  I will no longer tolerate owning anything that reminds me of anything that makes me feel less than happy.

I know they are calling this star the “demon star” but right now it is my special, spunky, fierce, shining demon friend who has my back in a weird and fabulous way.  Thank you, my demon star, for giving me some sassy, and for shaking off the debris in this world to make way for a new program.  I am enjoying this wild ride.

2 Responses to “Demon Star”

  1. Arianna Grindrod Says:

    YES! YES! Thank you Oceana! I feel affirmed!


  2. Oceana Says:

    thank you, Arianna! I’m glad to hear that this is not my imagination, that is for sure! Lol!


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