My Newsletter Response to Boston Marathon Tragedy

In light of recent tragedy, this may be helpful…
The suffering and shock of yesterday’s occurrences at the Boston Marathon has touched us all in some way.  What can we do when we feel the repercussive emotions, want to reach out, hear and see these vivid replays?  How do we best support loved ones and move from anxiety, worry, fear, and a sense of helplessness?

I would like to encourage us all to not simply turn away when it is too much, and likewise, not take on these heavy energies and create more suffering for ourselves and those around us.  

In my work, I strive to empower people to know their inherent sacredness in a palpable way, and to love their humanity with such compassion that life becomes a celebration, a joy, and a co~created pleasure.  There are so many ways to find ourselves wrong, however, that it can seem like an uphill battle if we don’t have tools or resources that show a new possibility.

In light of this, I give you the following yogic and shamanic tools to add to your service and meaningful prayers:

*when feeling overwhelming emotions, find the source in your body and imagine those sensations flowing down and out through your feet into the earth.

*as this energy flows, intend this energy as transformed into love, healing, and peace.  You are the creator of the energy body you live in, and as that you have the power to transform anything with your thoughts and intentions.

*Breathe.  In through the nose, out through the mouth with a sigh of release.  Breathing is the most powerful practice of yoga, and it can transmute anything.  Prana, the life force energy, is available to every being in creation, and we are the only ones who have the gift of channeling it with our powerful intention.  Use this intention for healing yourself and others.

*Be the compassion you wish to know in the world.  Meet anger with compassion, meet confusion with compassion, meet ignorance with compassion, meet your own perceived  failings with compassion.  The powerful ripples of compassion can indeed heal this world.

I hope these simple and powerful exercises help you in this moment and in all of the moments of your life.  Simple.  Powerful.  Transformative.  

 Thank you from my heart for your caring and for the ways in which you show up in this world.  You are a gift, unique and precious, and I thank you for simply being you.  Thank you for your continued support and participation with me.

With Compassion and Much Love~

2 Responses to “My Newsletter Response to Boston Marathon Tragedy”

  1. Jeff Mere Says:

    Great letter Oceana! I think in a matter of an hour I have become a fan of your writings. Compassion! It’s what the world is needing! 🙂


  2. Oceana Says:

    Thank you so much for your response, Jeff. Yes, indeed, the world needs and loves compassion. Thank you for being a solid warrior for love. 🙂


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