Self Love Makes Lotsa Love Kittens

kittens galore

The more we love ourselves, the more love we’re able to receive and the more love we can pour onto the world freely.  If you do the math, you’ll end up finding that self love multiplies like bunnies and kittens.

A calculator cannot add up the exponential and radical profusion of miraculous ripples of good that reverberate into the ethers and bounce back.  No miracle shelter could begin to hold the colossal volume of overflowing goodness babies that proliferate the population when a being practices self love.

Giving without expectation of reward is only possible if one has mastered self love.  One who cannot love themselves fully is tethered energetically with invisible iron cords of non-release and prosperity constipation. Gifting doesn’t happen.  What happens is unspoken bartering, gift wrapped with a bow.  The poor sucker receiving this package is now under scrutiny.

This type of sad affair causes all manner of unappreciated gifts, unfulfilled expectations, and even some outright victimization, illnesses, and swampy nose dives of despair. Among other things, it’s just tight and contracted.  Ouch.  Love can barely squeeze in and love can barely squeeze out.  Suffering ensues.

The antidote for all of this is to do the unthinkable.  Overdose with self love lubricant.  It’s what society tells us is selfish, what mama taught us good girls don’t do, and what we feel like we should be hiding. We need to overdose, because we’re sorely lacking and because when one is malnourished, drastic measures are necessary.

We need high potency self love, pleasure breaks, bubble baths, treats, hugs, massages, laughter, happy movies, snuggling and cuddles, sweet smelling stuff, dancing wild, sleeping naked on satin sheets, crying in a pair of strong and loving arms, letting someone brush our hair, lounging around doing absolutely nothing while sipping expensive liquids, or what. ever. it. takes. We need sessions of proclaiming our gratitude for every single thing we see in the mirror from a hang nail to the curve of our cheek.

People, this is an international emergency.  Self love is the red cross of getting off the cross and caring for the only one that is right here in this moment.  You.

~Oceana LeBlanc is a transformational leader, women’s empowerment coach, tantric yogini, and shaman.

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10 Responses to “Self Love Makes Lotsa Love Kittens”

  1. Kay Kauffman Says:

    This was an interesting post, but the message in the final paragraph goes against everything I’ve been taught. Change is a lot more difficult to implement than simply taking a bubble bath. This sort of pampering could lead to feelings of guilt and that would only exacerbate the problem. At least, it would make me feel guilty, anyway. One’s upbringing is a difficult thing to overcome.


    • Oceana Says:

      I appreciate your sincerity in this response, Kay. I’ve found that you’re right in that if the people around us have a learned response of expecting us to always do everything we’ve done, it can take some time for the change to be accepted without repercussions. Firstly, we feel guilty about our indulgences if they’re new, and that is reflected in the reactions in our sphere.
      It’s more than just a bubble bath, though. It begins with giving oneself permission to do the little things I’ve mentions and to ask for what we wish for deep inside. I find it’s a practice in building receiving muscles. So, yes, it does get worse before it gets better. But once it begins to get better, it surely improves life all the way around. 🙂


  2. rachel flower Says:

    I love it… real self love and real gifts without expectation. You have hit the nail on the head… which is a crappy metaphor for this! Thank you!


  3. Oceana Says:

    Rachel, I love your response and I love your humor! Thank you for reading.


  4. Rachel Lavern Says:

    Beautiful post. Reminds me of a song I learned from Michael Beckwith:

    I love myself so much,
    That I can love you so much,
    So you can love you so much,
    So you can start loving me.

    How to Starve Your Fears


  5. Deborah Miles Says:

    I really needed this. I am usually happy, but slip once in a while & think of every part of my body that isn’t ‘t pretty. I am promising myself to love myself more. Thank you for the awesome advice, you are always right. Love ya!


  6. Liz Who Motivates Says:

    Like all things in life, it all begins with self. In order to love another person and be loved both unconditionally, one does have to love oneself first.

    Being good to oneself is also critical to one’s well-being.


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