Does Your Perfume Make You Sexy or Sick?


perfume woman

According to the ads you see in media, it does.  It smells good, or overwhelming, or subtle and delicious.  It could, however, be so pervasive that it makes people sick in the wake of your departure, grateful to find oxygen again so that they can breathe.

The whole point, however, is to evoke a response and leave the world feeling awed by your freshness or teetering with desire.  Is it the perfume that does this, or is it your confidence while wearing it, or is it the way you expressed yourself?  You’ll never know for certain, I imagine.

What it will not do is shift your aura, rock your chakras into balance, or heal deep-seated emotional scars.  Perfume won’t relieve stress, get you hot to trot, or to help you with easing grief over a lost loved one.  I’ve also never known it to relieve menstrual cramps or to release  old worn-out ways of being. Perfume is simply a chemical formula that mimics the physical scent of powerful healing plant properties.

It’s actually a bit toxic if you think about it.  Perfume is a combination of chemical compounds and artificial fragrances that can wreak havoc on one’s immune system, cause breathing difficulties over time, and trigger allergic responses.

Blooming Essence

Way back when I first began studying aromatherapy, I began to notice a strange response to the commercial perfumes I’d always used.  They didn’t smell as good anymore.  They began to smell like chemicals and I was amazed at how working with pure essential oils could train my nose so quickly.  The pure, natural scents of true plant essences is completely different from the artificial chemical fragrances on the market.  Once one is introduced to the finest, it is impossible to go back.  When an essential oil is one hundred percent pure, most people have no allergic responses to it whatsoever.  Interestingly, it is the chemicals in scents that cause adverse reactions.

I’ve been blending healing essential oil blends now for about 11 years and it never gets old.  The folks who use these incredible oils are always surprised at the subtlety and beauty of how they work.  An aphrodisiac blend truly does evoke passion on many levels.  Our sense of smell is the most primal of all senses, making essential oils a powerful modality for healing or enjoyment.

Healing sessions are deeply integrated with support of an essential oil blend, especially when it’s personalized.  The plant essences work on your energetic system, bringing holistic alignment,  The mind, body and soul are all affected, soothed, healed, and transformed.

From a shamanic perspective, essential oils are a plant spirit collaborative.  The essential oil is not just a sensory experience!  The spirit of each plant works with me when I’m blending, and they stay with the product to aid the person in healing.

It’s impossible in one article to go into the details of all that essential oils hold for healing.  This is a brief overview and a short introduction.  To really gain a sense of the magic and profound power of this healing modality, one need only use a blend that has been created by an expert shamanic aromatherapist.  The results speak for themselves.


~Goddess Oceana




16 Responses to “Does Your Perfume Make You Sexy or Sick?”

  1. Deborah Miles Says:

    Oceana, I haven’t read all of this yet, my husband is on his way home from china(ugh), but will finish it soon. I stopped wearing perfume couple of years ago due to Candida. I splurged and bought Dita Von Teese perfume on hsn, just wanted the pretty bottle I guess and it’s made in Germany, so I thought with their strict requirement in Europe that maybe it wouldn’t have parabens and chemicals, but even without the parabens it probably has chemicals, right? My friend at the health food store that is an RN and suffered a lot with candida told me that the chemicals will get in my body and stir the candida again , so maybe I should give the lotion to my sister and just keep the bottle, she doesn’t care about candida. I will finish reading soon & maybe I need to get with you.


  2. Deborah Miles Says:

    I finished reading your article & I obviously made a mistake buying the perfume.


    • Oceana Says:

      We all make those mistakes, Deborah, because noone tells us otherwise. Live and learn, I say. I’ve even tried some myself, thinking it can’t hurt, and then I regret the purchase. 🙂


  3. Deborah Miles Says:

    Funny your date is correct, but says my comment comes at 4:00pm & I made it before noon.


  4. francenestanley Says:

    I have a lovely essential oil blend, which I use on the dry skin on my lower legs and rub into my hair after a weekly wash. It makes me feel wonderful. Thank you for reminding me of all the benefits.


  5. Kathy Hadley Says:

    I totally agree. Over the past 25 years as I’ve raised in vibration and spiritual understanding, I stopped wearing all chemicals and fake scents. I just couldn’t wear them anymore. But real essential oils, oh, HEAVEN!

    They have many healing and other properties and I use everal blends for different things like abundance of money, insight, serenity, and a million other things.

    I hope more people work to raise their own vibrations and use the help of essential oils as part of that.


  6. Oceana Says:

    That’s a really good point, Kathy. Glad you brought it up. Many of us who’ve been in the holistic healing field are so much more sensitive vibrationally already, and so it makes good sense that we can’t just use the low vibration products out there. sounds like you have some beautiful blends in your collection!


  7. Deborah Miles Says:

    Oceana, I am level III reiki & also I can’t take the smells in the store & I noticed when I spray the perfume on that I bought, it’s like my body has a barrier around it because the smell goes away real fast. I better get with you next week.


  8. Jenn L Says:

    I can totally relate to this change in senses with the elimination of artificial things…. I have felt this way with our eating since I’ve given up pretty much everything processed. When I do eat something “fake”, it really tastes gross!


  9. esellek Says:

    I love essential oils and have had a bash at mixing. The shop bought perfume just doesn’t last as long as the oils.


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