3 Basic Laws of Wealth Consciousness


 Abundance has to be welcomed to show up.  This isn’t obvious if one isn’t aware of the principles of manifestation.  Today I thought I would go over just three of the various principles I’ve learned over the decades as a transformational teacher and healer.


  1. Be.  Beingness is the first step to manifesting anything.  Like attracts like in this universe, and so a scarcity mentality cannot possibly attract wealth and contain it for any period of time.  Practicing thinking, feeling, and behaving as if one is already wealthy is a crucial step to having an abundant life.
  2. Do.  Unlike some well-meaning but mistaken ideas out there, wealth doesn’t just come to those who haven’t generated the energy of wealth outwardly.  As water seeks its own balance, so it is with the flow of compensation.  One must begin to do things differently than they were doing them when they weren’t attracting what they wanted.  It’s a universal law that what one gives comes back to the receiver multiplied. To attract wealth, one must begin to give in wealthy ways.  Tithing is one way to do this.  Setting up a plan of action to consistently serve others is another.
  3. Have.  For some, this is the hardest way of being.  It involves being open to receiving.  You see, receiving and giving are the same energy, and so if one is unable to truly receive, they cannot truly give.  Checking in to see what the motive is underneath the giving can lend insights into the internal work that must be done to truly become a giver that is unattached to the gift.  A gift that’s done in expectation of reciprocal gifts is not a gift, it is an unspoken barter.  When there’s attachment to an act of gifting, there wasn’t any gifting happening.  Similarly, when one is unable to receive, the gift of the joy of giving is thwarted.  The person trying to gift you isn’t able to generate abundance in their own lives in relation to you.  Receiving and expressing gratitude to others and in one’s heart are acts of havingness that expand into wealthy ways of being.

 These are truly basic, quick ideas about wealth consciousness, but there is much more to these teachings.  Remembering that the order to abundance is to be, do, and have is a great start.





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6 Responses to “3 Basic Laws of Wealth Consciousness”

  1. andreaspiritual Says:

    Good points! A subject close to my heart and one I’ve been struggling with recently so this is a timely post for me. I’ve been struggling not to focus on what I perceive to be the lack of my abundance in my life currently. Until recently I didn’t realise I wasn’t that good on allowing myself to receive either. I love what you’re saying about when a gift is not really a gift. Thank you for the gift of your post today! I shall start implementing these points in my life today.


  2. Oceana Says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Andrea! I’ve found that a daily practice of finding and noting what I’m grateful for has opened up my ability to receive.


  3. jreneefraser Says:

    You comment on tithing is right on point. We can’t grow a crop until we have sown a seed. In Malachi it says ” Can a man out give God? Bring the tithe into the storehouse and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing you can’t take it in.’ (my paraphrase) I believe it’s true! Thanks for the reminder!


  4. Helen Macmillan Says:

    Love this post Oceana! Simple but profound truth! Thank you for sharing!


  5. Oceana Says:

    Yes, it’s such a powerful, crucial piece to prospering! The act of tithing exponentiates our feelings of worthiness, makes space for deeper abundance, expands our capacity to receive in fabulous ways! Thanks so much for your comment!


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