Do Shame Differently

I love to recycle the shameful and humiliating experiences in my life in ways that celebrate the fullness of the ways they enrich my expansion.  For instance, recently I held an event where no one showed up.  I spent two hours preparing the space and the materials, countless hours marketing and working on the site, social media, and emailing, etc.

What’s a goddess to do when this happens?  I chose to bask in the gorgeous space I created, eat the chocolates I brought, dance to the fabulous playlist I created, and make a sensual dance video while looking out at the lake.


Fully prepared tantric yoga circle for doing shame differently.

Fully prepared tantric yoga circle for doing shame differently.

This shifts the focus from victimization to sourcing and from resistance to flow.  It’s also called “riding the horse in the direction it’s going”, according to Werner Erhard, founder of est.

Engaging the flow, allowing the emotions to move through and surrendering to them, we find ourselves unleashed, less somatically blocked, and more fully alive.  It’s a good thing.  Tears can come and they’re well received.  We are gentle with ourselves and can find the ecstasy in the mundane.

Very soon I am creating an event where I will celebrate the people who have dumped me for their perfect self-exorcism, and release the crappy energy they left behind, bury the loss and humiliation in a funeral pyre, and make the very most out of my black wardrobe.  It will be a funeral for shame.  Cuz that’s the way I roll. 😉

~Goddess Oceana

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3 Responses to “Do Shame Differently”

  1. Deborah Miles Says:

    Everything looks beautiful! What the world happened, why did no one show? That happened to me once when I was a child. No one came to my birthday party, but my neighbor. We blamed it on my sister, she supposedly was in charge of the invitations. But, some how, I don’t think it was her. I think it just happened. I was sad, 7 yrs old I think and I have pictures of me with my cake next to my awesome Grandmother and I looked very sad. That was so long ago, but does it ever go away? Maybe not, I’m typing this with tears in my eyes or maybe I am just sad for you. All my love!


  2. Oceana Says:

    Awww, sweeetheart!!! I feel so sad for your seven year old beautiful inner child!!! You’re right, it stays with us until we have the tools to move it through. This event was a good learning for me in the logistics of event planning for the future. Many people with good intentions, and the planets were just not aligned. I love the picture I took, though, and the evening was truly beautiful.


  3. Deborah Miles Says:

    You are such a joy! Blessings!


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