Self Worth and Lousy Friends


This year, I stopped letting certain people stay in my orb.  I had already done a bit of this type of release work over my life with more obvious offenders, but this was a new and subtle layer reflecting some deep growth on my part.

Some left thinking it was their own idea which was a handy cosmic alignment with my quiet intentions of good treatment.  Others, I stopped putting my attention on.  They hadn’t been putting their attention on me unless I worked really hard to connect, and it dawned on me that they were actually neglecting me.
Neglect was hard for me to see, having grown up in a family of origin that was steeped in neglect.
It wasn’t a product of not living near someone or having incredibly busy lives, but rather the one-sided relationship.  I have very close friends that I don’t see for years due to distance or life demands, and don’t consider that a neglectful friendship.

When I set this intention and acted on it, my life quality improved dramatically.  I was on to something.

The first thing I noticed is the abundance that came pouring in. It was almost instantaneous,  when I made a conscious choice of higher self-worth.  Hard to miss the great big YES from the universe on that one.

New friends appeared who have been absolutely amazing, loving, kind, and supportive. I no longer attract those who compete, come from jealousy, or feel a need to put me down to feel better about themselves.

If I spot them, I’ve learned to keep them at arm’s length. The dysfunctional behavior I used to tolerate is replaced with those who consciously love and live in alignment with compassion and true integrity.

It all starts with an intention to love oneself, followed by naming how you desire your friends to treat you.

Focus on the good treatment you want.

Treat yourself really well, and spend time with those who do the same.

Let me know how it goes, ok?

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Goddess Oceana is a Sensual Empowerment Goddess Mentor, Tantric Yogini, Shamaness. Workshop and Retreat Facilitator.




2 Responses to “Self Worth and Lousy Friends”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Beautiful heart post, Oceana. It is truly amazing how quickly situations change when you allow yourself to receive every bit of love you have to give.


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