Would Anyone Miss You?

thoughtful-things-to-do-for-someone-with-migraines-720We all wonder who, if anyone, might miss us if we disappeared from the earth one day.  At least, I’ve pondered this.  But I don’t think I’m all that unique, because as human beings we all want to know that we matter, right?

So I was thinking about this today as I was thinking about you.  It occurred to me that when you don’t hear from me, you don’t message me to complain about it.  And that tells me something really important: that you’re not getting as much out of what I offer as I would like you to receive.

Why do I care?  Because I’m only here for a little bit longer, on this dirtball spinning around in the cosmos, a speck with a teensy life span in the huge picture of it all.  And it’s important to me to at least offer something back for this immense, magnificent gift called a lifetime.  I want, I need, I desire, I yearn to leave you with something more than having taken up space.

I’m thinking that we all want that in some way, and that we could do this together, this making a difference thing.  My joy is to inspire others and have a blast doing so.  I love it when someone is lit up and goes out to spread some love in the world, out of something I wrote or a conversation we had.

Today, I’m starting a New Year’s Resolution several weeks early.  I want you to miss me when I don’t show up.  I think that can happen if I share more of myself with you, and inspire you in some way to do that in your life.

If you stop to think about who might miss you if you weren’t present or forgot to write your blog entry, or missed the party, what one thing do you bring that noone else brings?

What is your gift of presence in the world?  What is unique to you that either lights up a room, or has others feeling especially loved or heart, or has them swooning from the taste of your special cookies?

And to answer these questions, I think you have to really reach a bit deeper and find what lights YOU up.  Because I guarantee that if you are honestly following your bliss in this world, then that bliss overflows and becomes the gift you bring better than anyone else.

Who would miss you, and what can you begin doing today that ensures you give that unique gift every single day for the rest of your life, like you really mean it?

Live your gifts out loud,

Goddess Oceana


2 Responses to “Would Anyone Miss You?”

  1. Iyana Rashill Says:

    Dearest Oceana, what a great contemplation / meditation. My gift is that I am an evolutionary seer. I’ve come to realize that I might be before my time and might not be missed until years from now. And I am okay with that. So my answer is that I bring/leave something which has a longevity beyond my body, that I leave a gift of evolved consciousness and thinking for all. There are different types of mystics, mediums, magicians, mahatmas. Some of us share heart, some spirit, some consciousness. I have evolved love to its mirror message Evolve. Eve Love. With Eve love I bring the evolution messages. Thank you for kindling this question within us.

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    • Oceana Says:

      What a tremendously exquisite gift you bring, Iyani! You’ve brought a brilliant insight into the mix that I didn’t mention, which is this idea that even if we’re not seeing the immediate results of our gifts, they live on after we’re gone. Van Gogh and so many others never saw the enormity of their legacies. Blessings on you and thank you for your gifts, evolutionary seer, divine.

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