Healing Cancer Methods & Magick

The other day I interviewed Heather Starr, a local controversially fabulous entrepreneur who is healing herself holistically from cancer.

Interview Healing Cancer Click Here

Episode 5 of Goddess Oceana Salon

Heather Starr is a controversial figure and artist in her community whose works span illustrative, television, dance, animal rights living art, and textile modalities as she blows up the confines of what it means to live life as an outlier.

Feminine, physically striking, compassionate, creative, wild, living life on her terms, anti-people pleasing, and genius…listen as Heather Starr shares her journey with cancer and her discoveries outside the box of the medical system.

Self help and self improvement ideas, and educating on topics outside the norm are her specialty and you can find her ebook with practical, simple, yet life-changing advice at http://www.lulu.com, “Hippo $hit.”


Comment below and let us know of your own healing journey and what is working for you.

Goddess Blesssings,

Goddess Oceana

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