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Why Do You Do Everything The Hard Way?

April 15, 2013

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My husband pointed out to me the other day that he felt I always did things the hard way.  We were discussing where we were in our lives and brainstorming new ways of creating together.  I decided to interview him on what exactly it was he felt I was making more difficult and how he thought it could be done differently.

Apparently, he felt staying up every night to make organic baby food for our son when he was tiny was the hard way.  He was so right.  It didn’t last more than two months, and I was a hot mess of mommy misery.  He thought starting my own business was harder than working for someone else.  Right again, but I reminded him that some things are fueled by a fire too big to put out. The list goes on and he’s right on all of it I imagine, and yet when the picture is broken down, and one can see the humanity in the details, my hard way makes sense. At least to me it does.

Some deep introspection on these claims led me to some startling discoveries.  I have been digging into the bottom for a few years now, and  have begun to locate fear.  Now, as a woman who likes to do things the hard way, I didn’t just locate fear and let it go.  I needed to know where that fear came from, who was responsible for it, and how I could ensure its eradication.  I wanted to pummel that sucker to its obliterated end, from which it could never, ever rear its battered head again.  I had to process that fear with ten brands of blender, pulverize it with a steel bat, and drown it somewhere in the infinite bowels of hell.

As you can imagine, the program I laid out would’ve taken an eternity.  It would have been the hard way, yes?  Fortunately for me and everyone who has to interact with me, I discovered that all of this wasn’t necessary. I found that I could express that I was afraid to someone safe.  I could say I was afraid of failing, of not being enough, of not living up to the world’s endless opinions of what a mother should be, afraid of losing another dream, afraid of not being needed or wanted, afraid of being forgotten or easily replaced, afraid of being out of control, afraid of so very many things.

Miracle of miracles, the fear began to melt away, and in it’s place is a refreshing new attitude of “I don’t give a shit”.  Now, this isn’t always optimal, but it sure is a great segway into locating the middle path of “I care and I choose”.  It’s not a linear process, either, and there are no absolutes.  Sometimes it’s a mix of many attitudes, combined to make a new one.  Mostly, it’s a feeling in my body that I’m learning to heed more often, along with movement, breathing, and then holding fear’s hand and yanking it into the unknown with me, kicking and screaming.

So tell me, do you do anything the hard way?  And what are you afraid of?  I would love to be your safe place.

~Oceana LeBlanc is a relationship and intimacy expert, tantra facilitator, and shaman.

Are You Giving it Away and Ignoring Your Fabulosity?

July 11, 2012

Away for a long weekend and catching up after five days without blogging….oh my.  This morning I had a major epiphany.  Not a small one, mind you, but a big, huge, fat one.  My beloved and I share our morning cuppa over a daily inspirational reading and a few minutes of prayer and meditation to give our day a combined crystal launching off.

This morning was a bit different.  We started having this amazing conversation that is similar to many we’ve had over the past 20-something years about his business, his current challenges and wins, and the extraordinary day to day occurrences of being the CEO of a startup company that’s been chosen in the top hundred of worldwide startups for mentorship with the most elite investors on the east coast.  The conversation usually starts with interesting minutia, often leads into a challenge or query, and almost always ends with big smiles, clarity, enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of accomplishment and moving to the next phase.

As a spiritual business coach to many women embarking on opening their own businesses or shifting gears towards ramping up their businesses, this type of conversation comes easily to me.  It’s like breathing, making a sandwich, and finding a new ingredient when the preferred one isn’t available.  I love what I do and am so darn good at it that like many people who are gifted in a certain area of expertise, I take it for granted.

This morning, however, a light went on.  I realized that what comes to me so naturally is not necessarily that easy for someone else.  It dawned on me that I have been coaching my beloved for decades and that he is not female, holistic, or embarking on his own one person service venture like my clients.  He’s been corporate for years, has employees, gives high level presentations, has been a consultant to firms seeking to overhaul the very foundations of how they approach large projects, and is an ambitious, goal oriented, driven, suit wearing, briefcase carrying, highly intelligent male.  (He’s hot, too.)  What dawned on my marble head this morning was that I am a highly skilled leadership coach for men and women who are on the cutting edge of worldwide paradigm busting entrepreneurial ventures.  What sets me apart from the typical leadership coach is an incredible thirty years of training in various spiritual and energetic modalities that shift and transform blocks and patterns that keep people stuck, catapulting them into the success they desire, thereby saving them from years of frustration and failure.  Whoa, right?!

What are your gifts, and what have you been hiding from yourself in order to stay small and comfy?  What comes so naturally to you that you don’t even consider it a skill?  Who have you been helping in your life in ways that you don’t acknowledge?  Where in your life are people thriving and so much better due to a little something you gave them that was almost effortless on your part, or even really, really fun?

Goddess Oceana

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