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How Do You Meet Desire?

August 31, 2017
woman at sea, milia poirier
What do you deeply desire in your life that you don’t have?
What are you willing to do to have it?
I asked the universe for something and instead of immediate delivery, I received some powerful reflections that were painful for me.
This is often the case when we say we desire something, and are calling it into our reality.
We must become a match for that thing before it can come to us. Honestly, if we’re wondering why we don’t have what we want yet, it’s almost always because we haven’t made internal or external space for it, or because we aren’t in alignment with it in some way.
I am in such gratitude today for that discomfort I felt yesterday. Rather than choose to be a victim about it, which is the status quo for many who don’t realize their own power yet, I chose to look at the message, where I was responsible, and what I could do to further align myself to that juicy manifestation I wanted so much.
I allowed the Universe to speak to me, informing me in experiences of what needed to be overhauled before I could receive my desire.
Some powerful questions for the courageous manifester:
Where am I responsible in my ways of being, doing, thinking, and talking, that generated reflections of what I did not want?
What parts of this are in my control, and how can I shift my thinking or my way of showing up in the world that will align with what I do desire?
Is this a door closing because another better fit is beckoning? If so, am I grateful for the redirection, with open heart and joyful receiving for my true desires?
Do I truly want it, or am I just kind of wanting it? How powerful is my fire for this thing, and am I willing to do whatever it takes to meet the universe with action?
Is this a pattern when I review other times when there has been a similar feeling around a situation? If so, what is that pattern, what takes place, and how am I perpetuating it? How can I change this?
These are some questions that evoke the kinds of internal changes necessary for a powerful manifestation, the internal dialogue that will make the difference between having what you want and giving up, or blaming someone else that you can’t get it.
There are many ways to manifest, and many subtleties to the art of manifestation, and many schools of thought and discipline for it.
I pull from a great variety of those schools of thought in my work with people, integrating the tools that will resonate with the personality and level of experience. It’s always a unique co-creation to support someone in realizing their desires and expanding their soul’s growth edges.
Currently, I’m thinking about ways that I can support more women to hone their manifesting skills and really BE in their power.  I can only do so many one on one, personalized sessions with women.  So how can I bring these skills to those of you who can’t work with me privately for one reason or another?
My friend told me I should coach a group of women together, and I listened.
So I’m launching a coaching group for women who want something and haven’t been able to manifest it.
I’m excited about this, and can’t wait to share more about Divine Feminine Manifestation Mojo!
Stay tuned, Goddess.  More is coming very soon…
Love, Blissings, & Goddess Blessings,
Goddess Oceana
To work with me, email me at and we’ll set up a 15 minute discovery session to see what I offer that will best serve you.
Photo Credit: Milia Poirier

The Spiritual Path of Business

October 12, 2013


What do you want more of in your life?  Recently, I asked this question to a few thousand people, and the responses came pouring in.  More love, more money, more travel, and to know what one wants were the prevalent themes.  

When I originally posed this question, I was working on a program I’ve been creating and wanted to see which focus would serve the most people.  It didn’t occur to me that I had already been serving up what I serve up best, and that the people who were following me on social media were there because of what they found with me.  This single realization was an entrepreneurial epiphany on caffeine.

It’s true that an entrepreneurial venture is one of the most powerful incubators for spiritual growth.  When I first heard that statement, I didn’t get it.  Now, after years of enduring the white hot heat of entrepreneurialism, I totally get it.  Many transformations take place in honing all of the different aspects of a business, and everything in it reflect the person who’s creating it.  If one doesn’t continue to get their act together, the business will fail.  Oh yes, and only the heavy duty stick-with-it-ers win. This mix is a cauldron of personal growth and transformation.

 Giving up is not in the vocabulary of an true entrepreneur.  Changing, re-aligning, shifting ideas around, finding resources, finding information, working harder, working smarter, learning to balance, researching, delegating, laser-focused introspection, communication, team work, social skills, belief, dogged faith and determination, relentless self-inventory…these and more are all a part of creating and running a business.

What does this have to do with the question I posed?  In seeking to serve the most people and asking them how I could serve them what they truly wanted, I found out what the heart of my business was.  Years of being coached didn’t uncover this precious gem.  I’ve agonized over it, taken quiz after quiz, courses, read libraries of books, listened to videos, ad nauseum. But after all was said and done, the single most powerful step I’ve taken came out of prayer and meditation, and a deep desire to serve.

What were the steps I took?  First, I tried everything else I could think of.  When none of it offered my answer, I gave up and told Source to just give me a sign please.  Then I lived in surrender for a while.  I felt an urge to serve and put out a call in the form of a question to everyone I knew. The a~ha moment came only after I had given up my own agenda and opened my heart fully to serving others.  It’s happened before, but now I’m seeing the pattern and it has a definite flavor.

The places in my life where I have fully given myself to service, heart and soul, are the places where the richest gifts have come to me.  They’re the places where I had no expectation, and the gifts arrived like a universal, colossal Christmas of a tidal wave.  

Here are the things I’ve learned about how to run a successful business so far in no special order:

1. Show up regularly and fully.

2. Honor the concept of time.

3. See what is wanted and needed, and give that.

4. Have fun no matter what.

5. If it lights you up, it’s yours to do.

6. Put Source, God, your Higher Self, whatever you call It, first.

7. Banish negative thoughts and negative people.

8. Focus on what’s working and do more of that.

9. Live a healthy lifestyle.

10. Pour love into everything you’re doing.

11. Honor the people you serve.

12. Be willing to receive.

13. Always go the extra mile.

14. There’s no such thing as competition when the Divine is in charge.

15. Procrastination is a sign that it’s time to dance and listen to what your body needs you to know.

16. Every single thing turns out better if you pray first.

17. Love yourself.

18. Be very flexible and open.

19. Great support comes in unexpected ways if you keep your eyes open.

20. Give more of what you don’t have enough of.



Are You Giving it Away and Ignoring Your Fabulosity?

July 11, 2012

Away for a long weekend and catching up after five days without blogging….oh my.  This morning I had a major epiphany.  Not a small one, mind you, but a big, huge, fat one.  My beloved and I share our morning cuppa over a daily inspirational reading and a few minutes of prayer and meditation to give our day a combined crystal launching off.

This morning was a bit different.  We started having this amazing conversation that is similar to many we’ve had over the past 20-something years about his business, his current challenges and wins, and the extraordinary day to day occurrences of being the CEO of a startup company that’s been chosen in the top hundred of worldwide startups for mentorship with the most elite investors on the east coast.  The conversation usually starts with interesting minutia, often leads into a challenge or query, and almost always ends with big smiles, clarity, enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of accomplishment and moving to the next phase.

As a spiritual business coach to many women embarking on opening their own businesses or shifting gears towards ramping up their businesses, this type of conversation comes easily to me.  It’s like breathing, making a sandwich, and finding a new ingredient when the preferred one isn’t available.  I love what I do and am so darn good at it that like many people who are gifted in a certain area of expertise, I take it for granted.

This morning, however, a light went on.  I realized that what comes to me so naturally is not necessarily that easy for someone else.  It dawned on me that I have been coaching my beloved for decades and that he is not female, holistic, or embarking on his own one person service venture like my clients.  He’s been corporate for years, has employees, gives high level presentations, has been a consultant to firms seeking to overhaul the very foundations of how they approach large projects, and is an ambitious, goal oriented, driven, suit wearing, briefcase carrying, highly intelligent male.  (He’s hot, too.)  What dawned on my marble head this morning was that I am a highly skilled leadership coach for men and women who are on the cutting edge of worldwide paradigm busting entrepreneurial ventures.  What sets me apart from the typical leadership coach is an incredible thirty years of training in various spiritual and energetic modalities that shift and transform blocks and patterns that keep people stuck, catapulting them into the success they desire, thereby saving them from years of frustration and failure.  Whoa, right?!

What are your gifts, and what have you been hiding from yourself in order to stay small and comfy?  What comes so naturally to you that you don’t even consider it a skill?  Who have you been helping in your life in ways that you don’t acknowledge?  Where in your life are people thriving and so much better due to a little something you gave them that was almost effortless on your part, or even really, really fun?

Goddess Oceana

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Nine Free Ways to Market Your Fledgling At Home Business

June 28, 2012

I didn’t start out intending to be an expert in home business.  It happened by accident, as I found my own creative outlets while I homeschooled my son as a SAHM for about 12 years.  Try as I might, directing my creative energies solely towards raising a child was like trying to herd cats.  Deep frustration, outrageously ornate coloring pages, marathon knitting projects, birthday cakes so elaborate they should have been shellacked and marketed as the newest mini home models, I found I was using crafts as an outlet to an innate entrepreneurial fever and it had to stop.

Inadvertently, I started using the internet to train myself in small business skills, with no funds whatsoever and no idea where to start.  Moonlighting as a home party consultant with a company that prided itself on intensive business education was the beginning.  I knew I needed something to do for work, and could only work evenings if I didn’t want to pay a sitter everything I earned.  So I researched which home party companies had the most potential for sales, and then interviewed consultants to learn what each one offered until I had enough information to make the best choice for myself.  Within two years, my part time career enthusiasm earned me a place in the top five in sales in that particular company, and it laid the groundwork for me to create the company that I have now.

Here, then, are my top nine tips for marketing on a shoestring, in no special order:

1)      Utilize Facebook to the max.  As a mother in a one income family, I had to find a way to reach out to potential customers and build trust in my offerings.  I knew I was really good at what I did, but no one else knew because I was hidden in the jungles of playgrounds, dirty dishes, a small town, and laundry.  Doing the tutorials on Facebook and actually following the steps was my only hope.  I learned how to connect by just jumping in, making mistakes and learning from them.  It also helped to see others making mistakes, like advertising on people’s walls without even getting to know them or learning if it was okay with them, which is like showing up at someone’s house and planting a hot dog stand in their front yard.  Yeah, they might not like that.

2)      Utilize Twitter to the max.  I’ll admit, this took me a bit longer.  I just didn’t understand Twitter because I found my way to it from Facebook land, which is quite different.  I wasn’t used to the tiny tweets, and I had a lot to say.  Also, the fact that I hadn’t done the tutorial from start to finish didn’t help.  It took me years to warm up to Twitter, but now that I have, my advice is to snap to it and do it.  It’s the best cocktail party happening, and crucial to business.  You can stay on track with what’s happening, learn amazing things from your competition, and make allies by buying them a few drinks (retweeting, replying with friendly comments, and recommending them to your friends on Fridays).

3)      Clean yourself up.  Yes, as a mother I feel I have a right to tell people to bathe, get a haircut, and wash and iron their clothing. If you want to be taken seriously, you have about 10 seconds to make a first impression, and in a photo online?  Less.  I have had pictures done for free with my cell phone and they still came out looking like I had just had a makeover, polished, professional, etc.  In our digital age, this can be done, folks!  It’s optimal, of course, to have a professional photographer use their equipment and know how, but use the best you have to start with.  If you don’t have the money to buy clothes it doesn’t matter.  The moms I hung with scoured goodwill and came up with some designer knockoffs that looked amazing.  It’s uncanny what one can do with some intention, a friend with an eye for fashion, and a needle and thread.  There is no excuse for looking like hell other than the terror of actually succeeding.

4)      Order free business cards. has great templates and you can be fairly creative in how you design them…all for free!  Hand those suckers out like breath mints.  If you have a good headshot, it’s nice to pay a few bucks to put your smile on the card so that everyone remembers you, but not absolutely necessary to start.  You can prioritize this as one of your first business expenses when you have a few clients.  The most crucial part of handing out a business card is to write down the contact info of the person you handed it to, and send an email to them pronto, telling them how nice it was to meet them.  Following up costs nothing and I spent one full year struggling before I learned this important tip.  People are busy, and unless you can make their lives easier somehow, the last thing on their minds is remembering some person who handed them a business card that’s lying in the bottom of their purse getting sticky from the raisins their kid didn’t finish.  The important thing here is to offer them what they need, not what you want them to buy.  Make. Their. Problem. Go. Away.  If they don’t have the problem that you solve, ask them if they know of anyone with that problem that they could refer to you.  In essence, ask them to help out a friend.

5)      Attend free networking events and be so much fun, and add so much value that the organizers asks you to speak at one of their next events. Offer the organizers a free sample, be interested in them and how you can support their businesses, and use your business card technique with every person you chat with.  Be the friendly person there, because there are others who are terrified and afraid to make the first move and they’ll be so relieved that you smiled and started asking them about what they do.  The key to being supported and promoted is to give what you want to receive without expectation of where it will come from.  This takes trust, and trust is so much more appealing then an energy shark that gets in your face and starts talking about themselves and is relentless about selling you something.  Be more interested in helping others and I promise you, the universe will reward you in spades.

6)       Google the experts in your field and in building a small business, and sign up for their newsletters.  Attend their free calls, take notes like your life depends on it, and then actually apply what they just taught you.  It’s amazing how much you can learn, because these people understand that to generate customers, they need to give great value.  The value in these calls can carry you all the way to your first customers and much more.  Keep a list of the ones you feel are most knowledgeable, who have the most to offer for your particular line of work and your needs, and set goals for yourself of whom you might like to hire to coach you when you can afford it.  Decide in advance whose business building course you’ll sign up for when you are making an income, and choose wisely.  Prioritize what you feel will propel your business forward the fastest.

7)      Give free samples of your service to some folks who will really benefit from it.  Yup, just give it away.  Do the job as if they are paying you top dollar.  Ask them kindly if they could write you a recommendation, and use it to build trust with potential customers.  Recommendations can be used on flyers, websites, can be tweeted…there are so many ways you can continue to recycle them, and they tell potential customers that you do indeed deliver what you promise.

8)      Build a free website on WordPress.  I like WordPress because you can easily incorporate your blog in your site, and if you take the time to study how, you’ll increase your traffic easier than most hosting sites.  I remember when I wanted a website so badly and knew I needed one if I was going to go anywhere in my business, but I had no money at all to hire someone to build it.  It took me months and was grueling to learn how to build it, but I was so intent on having one that I didn’t care.  Remember also that I had a young child I was parenting simultaneously, so I spent weeks and weeks of sleepless nights building my site because I couldn’t always do it during the day.  If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.  My dad told me that, and he was right.

9)      Blog.  This one took me forever to figure out.  I’ve started blogging daily now, and the results are profound.  When you share what you know, solve problems for people with your information, reveal your humanity, and continue to put yourself out in front of an audience, you are marketing not only your business, but you’re creating a friendship with potential customers.  At the very least, you will improve your writing skills and learn more about yourself and your business by practicing and connecting to other bloggers sharing information.  At the most, you will be visible with who you are and what you do.  The people who will truly benefit from your skills and gifts will finally be able to find you.

I hope these tips gave you some ideas on how you can improve your visibility and motivated you to keep taking the next step in your business.  Remember that there is only one you, and you bring your unique presence and gifts to what you do.  The world needs you, so don’t give up!

Goddess Oceana

How To Cook Anything Better

September 27, 2010

One thing I’ve learned that crosses all religious boundaries, that translates all hobbies into a blur, and that breaks exclusive barriers across the board is…love. This goes for cooking, knitting, pet care, raising children, scientific experiments, health, relationships, business, art, you name it.

My first mentor taught me metaphysics with some Buddhism thrown in for spice. She was the first person who whispered into my ear that when I chop vegetables, I need to thank them for giving their lives first. That information, because it seemed both bizarre and intriguing, stuck with me and I have diligently followed it to this day. Fifteen years later when I met my white tantric teacher, she taught me to chant mantras over my food, to never cook when I’m in a bad mood, and to find vegetables at the supermarket by touching them and feeling into their sentience and life energy. Then while cooking them, we would vibrate them even more with love and mantras, thereby improving the state of the planet through food.

I’ve found that these practices translate into all of life. For instance, we were also taught in Tantra that whatever we are creating will take on the vibration of our state. So if one is making a baby, be in a positive, spiritual state of mind. If one is knitting a sweater, one can chant prayers or mantras, intend love, and sing with each stitch. For business, when I’m writing a program, or sending out a newsletter, I pray, meditate for what to write, and fill myself with love and gratitude while I create. I intend love for all recipients, and the highest good for all outcomes.

This works for road trips, shopping, learning a new skill, eating a meal, and composting a garden. In fact, you can use this with kitchen witchery, which I do as well. The old rule of thumb when stirring food on the stove is to stir to the left to rid food of negative energy, and stir to the right to infuse good, positive things into the food. I’ve created many a meal in which people were uplifted before my eyes while ingesting what I ate. Have you ever gone out to eat and wondered why you left the restaurant feeling miserable, angry, or upset? It’s always good to consider that the chef may have been having a bad night. This is why blessing our food is so important before eating it.

I’m a firm proponent of blessings. Some might feel that they’re easy to come by, that they’re quite unnecessary, or that they don’t mean much. In my life, blessings are one of my most powerful tools. They impart grace, gratitude, hope and most of all, love. Blessing anything makes it so much better.

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