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Staying Inspired

July 2, 2012

The best thing about my mornings are the 15 minutes I spend with my beloved, reading an inspirational message and affirmation together, praying and then meditating.  On the rare occasion that we miss, it seems like the day doesn’t go as smoothly, and we don’t receive the positive focus that feels so good.

We love the Daily Word publication that Unity puts out monthly, because it’s short, sweet, and really uplifting.  With each daily message, we’re amazed at the synchronicity with what we seem to be struggling with, or wondering about at that time.

We’re both universal in our spiritual paths, incorporating a large view that encompasses many teachings as opposed to one religious dogma.  After all, the same message underlies them all, to love, forgive, and connect deeply to your true essence.

Goddess Oceana

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