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Why You Keep Getting Stuff You Don’t Want

December 7, 2013
Here come the holidays!  They’re right around the corner and as a woman striving to unleash her goddess on the world, how can you end up satisfied, filled up, and in a state of joyful pleasure this coming season?
I’ve been thinking on this lately as I release and declutter, feng shui and get clear about what I desire more of in my life.  It occurred to me that maybe noone else knows what I really want, and if this is the case, then how can they participate in the fun?  
We women are notorious for being coy when it comes to gifting, preferring to give rather than to receive, and hoping others, (specifically our significant others) can read our minds.  One of the best assignments I received when I studied with Mama Gena was to create a desire list and put it where people could actually see it.  It sounds simple enough, but did I do it? Not without discomfort and certainly not often enough.
You see, we have no one but ourselves to hold responsible when we want this or that fabulous sparkly new thing, and instead we receive another microwaveable heat pack for cramps or the same thing we asked for two years ago when we finally relented and told the truth.  Problem is, by now we’re over that gift and on to the next thing.
I don’t want you to think that this letter is only about what we can get, and how to get more material stuff.  I know it sounds like it so far.  The point is that to stretch our goddessly feminine muscles of receiving, we need to be willing to name what it is we want.  It begins with being willing to ask for the obvious, and then when we get more comfy with that, it spreads like butter into the bedroom, boardroom, and the world.
If we, as women, are going to heal the world, we have to heal ourselves first.  That means actually receiving the gifts the world wants to give us so badly, and taking responsibility for what we get.  We don’t get to complain if we get a lot of crap we don’t even want…because that will only attract more crap we don’t even want! 
The great news is that we do have the power to ask and it starts with tiny weights with only a few repetitions.  The muscles can build really fast, no worries.
Here’s some research for this week:
1.  Meditate for three minutes or more on this question:  What do I really, really want?
2.  Write it all down.
3.  Create a couple of lists with this information.  One list is your own private list of what you really want.  The next list is a bite-sized list that’s easily do~able by your partner or loved ones.  This second list will be POSTED on your refrigerator for ALL to see.
Just write:  “Stuff I Really Want” at the top and then number about 5 or 6 things you know your loved ones can deliver easily.  You can mention in passing that you realized noone knows what you want and you figured it would be great to let them know.  Leave it at that.  No pressure, no high expectations.
4.  BE APPRECIATIVE and express gratitude when someone delivers!!!
5.  Wait and see what happens and report back to me…I can’t wait to hear the details!
Enjoy playing with this exercise, and if you want more inspiration, come and follow me on facebook at Goddess Oceana fan page.  I post several tips and inspirations a week and would love to connect with you there.
~ Goddess Oceana


How To Hear God

June 21, 2012

This is a beginner’s guide, simple, straightforward, and concise.  I’d love to hear your experiences, how you listen for guidance, and what your meditation practice is as well.  Also, I am using “God” here for simplicity reasons, realizing everyone has their own personal way of describing a higher guidance.

First, you find a quiet place to sit.  Then you focus on your breathing..  Next, you bring your awareness to your heart.  Breathe in deeply through your nose, breathe out slowly.  Repeat.

Why the breathing?  Because your parasympathetic nervous system becomes calm when you breathe deeply and slowly, and this allows your mind to quiet down.  A loud mind cannot hear God.  Who can hear anything over a rock concert or a war?

You may have to do this sitting and breathing thing over and over again.  Days, weeks, and possibly months…somewhere in the space between breaths, you’ll begin to find a soft quiet that is profoundly blissful.  You might find yourself addicted to this sitting and breathing practice, because if you can get yourself to do it, you’ll find out how good it feels.

There will be times when your rock concert mind or your mind at war with itself, or your soap opera mind, or whatever your mind is chattering about will just suck up all of your attention.  If you notice this, you can bring yourself back to your breath and your heart.  Do it gently and don’t expect perfection, but rather allow the process to unfold.

One day, you’ll go to your sitting place with a real dilemma.  Once you begin to breathe and feel that quiet bliss, you may even forget about the dilemma.  You’ll get an idea, and it may surprise you that you hadn’t thought of it before.  This is God talking.

Or you may see a picture that answers your challenge at hand, and this is also God talking.

There’s a voice you may hear, one that is calm and unmistakable, often referred to as the still, small voice.

This is the voice you’ve been waiting for.  And once you hear it, if you continue to hang out with God in this way, sitting and breathing, you’ll realize that He/She has been talking to you all along…and that the reason you’re sitting and breathing is because it’s what you need to do to hear That Voice, and that it is not at all that that Voice was withholding  to put you through some breathing test.

The Voice is there, and you have the tools to open your inner ears…it just takes some intention and practice.

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